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Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Difficulty with:

  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary/Idioms
  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking Fluency
  • Presentation Skills

Let Dr. Rosie prescribe you the best solution for your specific needs.

About Dr. Rosie

Dr. Rosie has her doctorate in Educational Leadership and a master’s in English with Teaching English as a Second Language certification. She has taught business professionals, university, P-12, and gifted students, and has worked overseas in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Haiti. She has a passion for helping clients grow in their careers by improving their English and communication skills.



Best teacher ever! The first thing comes to mind about Rosie is that she is a dedicated professional. She is more like a doctor who listens to her “patient” to prescribe the very necessary way of being better. It is not because she is acting like a doctor, she is a caring good friend at the same time. I love to appreciate her efforts all the time. It’s only been several weeks working with her, but I am confident to see better me in the future.

S. S., Sales Rep, Rogers, Arkansas


Rosie is the best English tutor I have ever had. As a non-native English speaker using English in the business world, I had more than 5 personal English tutors in the past decade, abroad and in the U.S.  Rosie is the best- not just because of her professionalism in English tutoring, but also because of her understanding and enthusiasm about business and, most importantly, her personality and capability to encourage and engage her clients to keep growing. No matter what English level you are now, you will definitely appreciate and enjoy Rosie being your English tutor.

C.C., Bentonville, Arkansas.


I have been working with Rosie for the past year and have been impressed more each time we meet. Her leadership skills and training capability is second to none.  Rosie has an attention to detail and ability to assess a situation and apply the perfect training technique which is impressive.  I would recommend Rosie to anyone who is seeking assistance in language and leadership training.

Don W. Ogden, Financial Advisor, Springdale, Akansas. 


Rosie taught a wide variety of English as a Second language courses for several years within the Developmental Studies division at Crowder College. The course content required her to demonstrate creativity, originality, and knowledge of pedagogy. Rosie is very approachable.  Her rapport with students is excellent; her student evaluations are outstanding.  I enjoy listening to her interactions with students. Unsolicited comments from students are consistently positive. I recommend Rosie without hesitation. She has earned a rating of 5 stars, but I would love to be able to give her additional ones.

Dr. Sherry Wilson, Chair, Developmental Studies, Crowder College, Neosho, Missouri.  


Rosie has a passion for teaching people and helping those who struggle to improve.  I admire her professionalism and drive to succeed and to help others.

Gary DeWitt, Owner of DeWitt Law Firm, PLLC. Springdale, Arkansas.  


I had been looking for a teaching position, in NWA for two years. I had a few interviews but didn't get any offers. I had the required education, an Arkansas teaching license, years of teaching experience, and I loved teaching so they why wasn't I getting the job? I expressed my concerns to Rosie, and she helped me right away. She reviewed my resume and brought out my most valuable assets, my passion for teaching. She also helped me to bring out that passion during my interview. It had been years since I had an interview so I was practicing rehearsed lines, which were not working. Rosie showed me ways that I could be myself and express why I loved teaching instead of throwing rehearsed lines at them. Rosie is a professional at getting her customers where they want to be. She is very approachable and you never feel bad for asking for help. She makes sure you feel comfortable with her and helps you to be a better version of who you are.

D.M., Bentonville, Arkansas.


Rosie is such a dedicated teacher.  Because of her experience living overseas, she is able to understand what foreigners need or want to know not only the language but also in culture or life style of the U.S.  My two hour lesson flies so fast every time and I enjoy her approach and materials in the class very much!

S.P., Fayetteville, Arkansas. 


Rose is without any doubt, one of the most caring and professional teachers I've ever met. She has the perfect combination of personality and intelligence to be an outstanding teacher. She was the first English teacher I had, when I first came to the United States. I was lost and clueless, but she made me feel like home. 100% recommendable to every student that is serious about learning English!

A.V., Uruguay. 


Rosie has a special way of identifying people's strengths and plugging them into their passion. She listens to the heartbeat of her clients or students and offers opportunities that make them shine. As a colleague in the local community college language program for international students, Rosie offered me the opportunity of a lifetime. She was willing to take a risk even though I was newly certified and gave me a class. She encouraged me to believe in myself and I found my passion. I can assure you that Rosie consistently delivers on her promise to make your goals her top priority. She delights in seeing you excel.

Beth Persons, Neosho, Missouri.